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What's the concept?
What we do?
Our experience?


What’s the concept?

RE: Multiple questions, many requests, many objectives, one answer.


Welcome to a unique consulting experience where…

…Theory is put into practice. kNow theory.

…Our time is not (your) money.

…Implementation does not cost a fortune.

Welcome to the Marketing company RE:MAKE!

What we do?

RE: The Marketing company RE:MAKE was created by a network of specialized associates with over 10 years of experience in order to offer high quality services in the following fields:

  • Tourism promotion
  • Tourism destination marketing
  • Organization of participations at expos in Greece and abroad
  • Organization of fam trips for journalists/tour operators/professionals/opinion multipliers
  • Organization of promotional activities
  • Organization of professional presentations in Greece and abroad
  • Drafting and implementation of promotion plans
  • Press Office
  • Event and workshop organization

Our Experience?

RE: Our trilogy!

1. We love what we do

2. We take care of our associates

3. We struggle to do the best without further cost for our clients

All these (could) translate into numbers!

Executives with more than 12 years of expertise.

Cooperation with dozens of businesses, organizations and tourism destinations all over Greece.

Expo participations, events and innovative projects in 4 continents.

More than 500 fam trips.

Networking with journalists, airline companies, TOs, tour operators and other tourism professionals from at least 30 countries.

23.212 hours of support, collaboration and experiences.


1 meeting with us for more… answers.

We are looking forward to meeting you!

Where can you find us?

RE: You can find us here:

Address: 31, Othonos Str, Kifissia, 14561

Telephone: + 30 6944853867

Email: info@re-make.gr

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